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About the museum partners

The NCSS currently includes seven public museum institutions located across Scotland, who are supported by the Scottish Arts Council to acquire and present challenging contemporary visual art for and within the contexts of their established collections.

From its outset in 2003, the NCSS has been premised upon collaborative working with and between local authority, independent and university museum and galleries in Scotland, who are able to articulate and demonstrate an ambition to build holdings of contemporary art of international standing.

Key to the NCSS are its collective scale and reach; it promotes a process of 'linked collecting' undertaken by its seven geographically dispersed and locally distinct museum partners to a shared level of ambition that is national and international in dimension.

In its Phase 1 (2003-2006), NCSS had six museum partners. In its Phase 2 (2007-2010), that number grew to seven.

The seven current museum participants are:

The collections into which the acquisitions enabled through the NCSS are added, and with which they are intended to interact on numerous vital levels, have all been the recipients of Recognition status.

  • Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums: Entire collection
  • City of Edinburgh Museums and Galleries: The Scottish Art Collection
  • Glasgow Museums: Entire collection
  • Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery: Entire collection
  • Dundee City Museums: The Fine and Decorative Arts Collection
  • Renfrewshire Arts and Museum Service: The Paisley Shawl collection
  • The Pier Art Centre: Entire collection