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Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

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Hunterian Museum and Art GalleryThe Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery (Uni of Glasgow) is Scotland's oldest public museum, founded in 1807. Over the last decade, the Hunterian's contemporary visual arts programme has developed through residencies, exhibitions, commissions, and acquisitions. The Hunterian's collections are extraordinary and encyclopaedic, covering the histories of geology, anatomy, medicine. Its fine art collection features Whistler, Rembrandt, Chardin. The Hunterian is interested in contemporary practitioners whose work examines, critiques or otherwise engages with these fields or disciplines, and which can bring fresh insights to its existing collections.

  • Mungo Campbell, Deputy Director (Collections)

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Video interviews with Curators

The interviews below were conducted and produced by Kirstie Skinner, and filmed by Rob Page, Schedule D Productions.