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Research: Event 1 - Tramway

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With this inaugural event, we sought to generate a clearer picture of the current context informing public contemporary collecting, to provide a base line for further discussion. With this in mind, we conceived the panel event

  • As a pretext to bring together representatives from the various agencies and development bodies, collecting institutions, public galleries, commercial galleries, as well as producers and artists for the first time;
  • As a means to hear directly from a selection of perspectives, in order to begin generating a relative view of experiences, agendas and priorities, and, how they sit in relation to one another and to wider ambitions to build collections of contemporary art within Scotland.

The event was chaired by Mark O'Neill (Head of Arts and Museums, Culture Sport Glasgow). It included

  • Amanda Catto, Head of Visual Arts, Scottish Arts Council
  • Jane Robinson, Head of Museum Development, Museums Galleries Scotland
  • Simon Groom, Director, SNGMA
  • Victoria Hollows, Museum Manager, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
  • Richard Ingleby, Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Lucy Byatt, The Contemporary Art Society
  • Christine Borland, Artist

The programme for the event can be downloaded here

A summary of the event can be downloaded here

Tina Fiske's introduction opening can be downloaded here

Richard Ingleby's presentation can be downloaded here