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Waldella, Dundee 2009

David Batchelor (born 1955, Dundee, Scotland, UK)

Waldella, Dundee illustrates the central concerns of David Batchelor's work - colour and beauty. What distinguishes his work is his choice of found materials: often plastic and cheap, always manufactured for some other purpose than art, and always industrial. The intensely coloured materials are contrasted by the mechanics of how the work is powered - the snaking lines of black electrical flex. Both are of equal importance and transform their prosaic components into a sculptural object of mesmerising beauty. As Batchelor states, ‘We are hard-wired to respond to things that are beautiful... when you combine colour and light they invoke a powerful response.’ A festoon of illuminated colour, Waldella, Dundee is rooted in the industrially manufactured world of the petrochemical industry. Yet, there is a strangely natural, organic feel to the final piece, which seems to sprout from its surroundings like a coral formation.

Acquisition Details

Commissioned from the artist through the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland for The McManus' new Central Circulation Core, 2009
Commissioned with funds from the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland 2007-2010 operated by the Scottish Arts Council.
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