For You 2009

Tracey Emin (born 1963, Margate, England, UK)

For You
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Copyright: Copyright The Artist; Photo: Mike Davidson, Positive Image / Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums

Tracey Emin is a storyteller whose subject matter comes from her own life. Her artwork often focuses on confessional texts which she combines with deeply personal objects and mementos. Emin regards her big neon pieces as 'love poems.' As she explains: 'Poetry can be one line, a sentence. When you read the wrods, you imagine what you are seeing, you're given a sense of vision by the words.' For You can be seen as love mutterings, a prayer or an exploration of a moment's emotion frozen in time. The words are scrawled in three separated lines; their arrangement and the kiss at the end of the message create a strange mixture of anonymity and immediacy that is reminiscent of graffiti, text messages or post-it notes. This particular text could have different meanings: universal and layered, the 'you' which Emin refers to in the text becomes open, a God, a lover, a protector, a friend, a stranger, everyone or no-one.

Acquisition Details

Acquired from White Cube, London , 2009
Purchased with funds from the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland 2007-2010 operated by the Scottish Arts Council.
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For You