well, Well 2006

Moyna Flannigan (born 1963, Kirkcaldy, Scotland, UK)

well, Well
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Copyright: Copyright The Artist; Image courtesy of the Artist and doggerfisher, Edinburgh

Flannigan's work is unusual in current contemporary practice as the figure has remained the constant theme of her work. While figurative, her paintings are made without models, photographs or preparatory drawings. She works spontaneously, directly onto the canvas creating characters - that seem uncannily familiar - from memory and experience. The painting well, Well is a pithy statement on the human condition. It depicts an unwitting fool dressed in the guise of a clown - with a giant nose, fat belly, comic costume and skinny legs - who hangs alarmingly in space. He is suspended by a gloved hand - implying an invisible puppeteer - ready to snatch him from centre stage if he outstays his welcome. This comic figure points at what appears at first sight to be a bunch of grapes but on closer inspection is a group of skull-like character masks that disrespectfully throw his gesture back at him.

Acquisition Details

Acquired from doggerfisher, Edinburgh, 2009
Purchased with funds from the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland 2007-2010 operated by the Scottish Arts Council.
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