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Pandora's Ball 2008

Torsten Lauschmann (born 1970, Bad Soden, Germany)

Pandora's Ball
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Copyright: Copyright The Artist; Still image courtesy of the Artist and Mary Mary, Glasgow

Over the past decade, Torsten Lauschmann's work has evolved beyond straight photography and film works to investigate the mechanics of digital processes, software creation, experimental editing, approaches to performance and the sculptural potential of video installation. As an artist, film-maker and live performer, Lauschmann, who is now based in Glasgow, celebrates 'glitches and out-takes, bits in between and images that might be easy to ignore.' This video installation consists of a short video loop projected on floor level. The video shows a virtually constructed representation of a perfect sphere with reflections and shading. Above the sphere, there is superimposed an image of skipping legs following the patter of a floor mosaic. During the composition of the sphere and the film, the artist carefully moved the whole frame of the video millisecond by millisecond so the legs appear to skip on top of the sphere. He liked the idea that the woman in the video appears to move to make herself skip on one spot - as he describes it 'a care-free dance becoming a Sisyphean task.' In spite of its emphasis on modern technology, Lauschmann's work is nevertheless grounded in human experience.

Acquisition Details

Acquired from Mary Mary, Glasgow, 2009
Purchased with funds from the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland 2007-2010 operated by the Scottish Arts Council.
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