Vessel 2005

from Cwm Cwareli series

Pamela Rawnsley (born 1952, Devon, England, UK)

This vessel comes from a series of forms inspired by boulders, their textured weathered surfaces telling of the continual passage of time. These ideas continue within my silverware which currently includes small vases, stoppered bottles, boxes and hollow-handled spoons. Occasionally jewellery is incorporated - a ring becomes the means to an open box, a detached lid forms a brooch. The same visual and technical threads run through all my work, and I like to blur the distinction between work to be worn, work to hold and work to use

Acquisition Details

Acquired from the artist, 2006
Purchased with funds from the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland which was originated and operated 2003-2006 by the Contemporary Art Society and supported by the National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council.
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