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Cypress Screen, Dundee 2001

Sophy Rickett (born 1970, London, England, UK)

Cypress Screen, Dundee
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Rickett is a photographer who has become best known for her beautiful but austere landscapes, both in colour and in black and white. Her images are as much about the process of photography as they are about their landscape subject. Her theatrical landscape views are studies in lighting, scale, perspective, and the creation of multiple viewpoints within a seemingly straightforward composition. This photograph was taken at night on the Riverside approach to Dundee. The screen of trees appears to be continuous, although it is stretched over three panels. On closer inspection, the image incorporates several viewpoints that shift from image to image. The scene reveals itself as a montage created by the photographer, rather than accurate photographic image of an actual view. As in much of Rickett’s recent work, the viewer is located in darkness, screened from a brightly lit event that appears, tantalisingly, beyond the trees. From what mysterious activity are we excluded? Light is often used in art to represent enlightenment, and one commentator suggests that these photographs portray knowledge as fragmented and hard to attain.

Acquisition Details

Acquired from Emily Tsingou Gallery, London, 2004
Purchased with funds from the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland which was originated and operated 2003-2006 by the Contemporary Art Society and supported by the National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council.
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Cypress Screen, Dundee Cypress Screen, Dundee