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IT'S OK (untitled) 2004-2005

Josť Carlos Teixeira (born 1977, Porto, Portugal)

Portuguese artist Josť Carlos Teixeira created this work whilst studying at the Interdisciplinary Studio at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). His work is cross-disciplinary by nature, and mostly focused on video, installation, and performance. Originally an integral part of a performance, this piece is the result of a collaboration with five Hispanic-American children. Acting as their cameraman, conductor and teacher, Teixeira engages directly with the children. He has set them his own words to the tune of the American national anthem and through their faltering performance he addresses the immigrant's uncertainty, doubt, and fear of failure. He sets these themes, somewhat ironically, against the ideals and aspirations of an immigrant: success, safety, stability and power. Thus in this work Teixeira tackles the subject of integration and the frustration of many at the failure of democratic ideals.

Acquisition Details

Purchased with funds from the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland which was originated and operated 2003-2006 by the Contemporary Art Society and supported by the National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council.
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IT'S OK (untitled)